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BlueBox for the Maritime Shipping Industry

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for the Maritime Shipping Industry

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SCOTTY solutions for the maritime shipping industry include applications which help save time, money, even lives.  SCOTTY’s flexible and powerful equipment connected to SatCom ensures that ships, their crews, and support staff on land can interact in real-time to solve problems, prevent mishaps, deal with emergencies, and ensure the smooth operation of assets around the world.

Through the use of SCOTTY’s interactive audio, HD video, and data connectivity over satellite, customers throughout the world help their crews stay safe from piracy, keep happy and healthy, make sure machinery is running efficiently, and perform a number of customized applications to optimize operations.


Save lives, prevent unnecessary evacuations, and keep your crew healthy while staying at sea.

                   TELE-MEDICINE pdf                  

Instantaneously bring experts from around the world on board to service and maintain your specialized equipment.


Keep track of what is happening on-board clandestinely.  Remotely access and manipulate surveillance cameras throughout the ship.  Stream live or pre-recorded video to any location.

           ONBOARD SURVEILLANCE  pdf          

Let staff at sea send a valentine to their girlfriend, see their newborn baby, visit their grandmother’s birthday, or just call home to say hello!

                  CREW WELFARE  pdf                 


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