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Conversion to Registered Shares

Conversion to Registered Shares

information on the conversion of bearer shares to registered shares

Dear Shareholders,

On October 17, 2016, as legally required due to the company’s withdrawal from the Third Market of the Wiener Börse, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board resolved to convert all bearer shares to registered shares.

This transfer does not alter your position as a shareholder of SCOTTY Group SE, but in order to secure your future shareholder rights you must actively apply for your entry into the share register.

Click for a summary:

Conversion to registered shares.pdf

Umstellung auf Namensaktien.pdf

Click for detailed information:

Shareholder Information Re-conversion Into Registered Shares.pdf

Informationsschreiben an Aktionäre iS Umstellung auf Namensaktien.pdf

Apply for entry into the share register:

Application Form for Registration in the Share Register.pdf

Antragsformular für Aktionäre zur Eintragung ins Aktienbuch.pdf