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beyond line-of-sight audio, video, and data for communication and surveillance

SCOTTY-Brand Products

off-the-shelf units, customized solutions, and complete systems

SCOTTY, which is EN-9100:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certified, manufacturers hardware used for various video communication and surveillance applications.  Products include airborne satellite data units, satellite network conversion units, complete rack systems, peripheral interfaces, and products based on the SCOTTY video compression technology.  They undergo extensive testing, the aero products are DO-160 certified, and NATO COMSEC Zone 1 or 2 electromagnetic shielding is available.

SCOTTY Group’s manufacturing and headquarters are in Graz, Austria.


The SCOTTY product package includes:

  • live video at high or low bandwidths,
  • user-defined resolution versus frames per second (fps) settings,
  • “Snap & Send” HD Snapshots,
  • integrated processor for data, Internet, scan, and much more,
  • computer desktop sharing,
  • tough hardware for remote and difficult environments,
  • compatibility to audio, video, and PC peripherals,
  • satellite connectivity,
  • and encryption capabilities.


SCOTTY products:

  • include a hardware coder/decoder and processor with flash memory for a full package of video communication, streaming, and data sharing,
  • connect to all kinds of cameras, PC peripherals, medical sensors, and data interfaces for various interactive applications,
  • transmit HD snapshots and also have a built-in recording function,
  • can stream the live receive video to any personal devices connected to the network,
  • can be a server, router, and repeater of RF video,
  • and provide satellite network connectivity.

All SCOTTY equipment is works through SatCom…

Why is this important?  Because SatCom provides a way of staying online, beyond the horizon, all over the world, no matter the ground infrastructure.

SCOTTY equipment is deployed in the field, on wheeled vehicles, ships, and in the air.

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