25 Mar 2015

SCOTTY Chosen for EU Project ‘Closeye’

SCOTTY is happy to announce that it

25 Mar 2015

SCOTTY is happy to announce that it will supply its newest beyond line-of-sight video surveillance equipment for the European Union’s ‘Closeye’ project.

The ‘Closeye’ project, an acronym for “Collaborative Evaluation of Border Surveillance technologies in maritime Environments by pre-operational validation of innovative solutions”, is responsible for certifying equipment used for future European Union border patrols.

SCOTTY equipment will make it possible to transmit over satellite live data and HD imagery from patrolling aircraft to decision makers on the mainland.

SCOTTY Group Austria’s CEO Kurt Kerschat said: “SCOTTY is proud to be active in the future safety and security of the European Union. Our involvement in ‘Closeye’ is further indication that SCOTTY products are becoming standard equipment for maritime patrol aircraft.”

For more information on Closeye, see http://www.closeye.eu/

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