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SCOTTY De-listed

SCOTTY De-listing

SCOTTY will be de-listed from the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange

Dear Shareholders:

  • The implementation of the European Market Abuse Directive, especially the adhoc publicity requirements, are incompatible with SCOTTY’s government business, which is currently 70% of SCOTTY’s turnover. Delisting-Report-and-Proposal.pdf
  • During the AGM of SCOTTY Group SE held on Friday June 17, 2016, it was decided with overwhelming majority (97,3%) that SCOTTY Group SE will be de-listed from the Third Market (MTF) of the Vienna Stock Exchange. Abstimmungsergebnis (German)
  • After the decision, the de-listing process started and will be completed by July 21, 24.00 hours which will be the last day SCOTTY Group SE shares are traded on the Third Market (MTF). Veröffentlichung Wiener Börse (German)
  • The requirements of the Stock Exchange regulations for the regulated free trading segment, especially the issuer’s obligations, are not applicable to the unregulated Third Market (MTF).
  • As a de-listed company we do have the legal obligation to change the shares from bearer to named shares. This requires a share register with details of the shareholders (beneficial owners). The exercise of any shareholder’s rights is subject to be recorded in the share register.
  • To include you as a shareholder in the share register and to avoid potential disadvantages, we require a completed form and a voluntary deposit confirmation. Please send the documents to:

By mail:                Teslastrasse 4, 8074 Grambach, Austria

E-mail:         (attached to the e-mail in pdf format)

Fax:                       +43 (0) 316 409 426-528

Named shares form (German)

Named shares form (English)