04 Nov 2015

SCOTTY Co-Hosts Telemed Events in Brazil

SCOTTY Co-hosts Telemed Events At the end

04 Nov 2015

SCOTTY Co-hosts Telemed Events

At the end of October 2015, the Institute for Space-Medicine of the German Aerospace Center (“Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt” – DLR) and SCOTTY Group Austria presented their joint German-Austrian activities in the fields of eHealth and Tele-Medicine.

The first event, on October 22nd, was hosted by Ambassador Dirk Brengelman at the German Embassy in Brasilia. Brazilian government officials, military officers, representatives of the health sector, as well as the Austrian Ambassador, Mrs. Marianne Feldmann attended.

The second event was hosted by the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Rio de Janiero on October 26th and was titled “SCOTTY Group Austria and the German Aerospace Center – A strong and long lasting partnership of over 10 years for telemedical solutions and services”. Both partners welcomed selected guests from the oil and gas industry, shipyards, shipping carriers, the aircraft industry, and emergency service providers; all of these being potential users of telemedicine in remote and rural areas.

During these events, notable local representatives gave presentations as well. For example, Dr. Luiz Ary Messina, head of the Brazilian university network for tele-medicine and Prof. Aldo von Wangenheim, head of the tele-medicine network Santa Caterina presented the current tele-medicine systems in Brasilia. Patrick L. Scheid, PhD, presented the tele-medicine network of the German Armed Forces. Dr Scheid is the German Representative to the NATO TMED expert team and head of the Laboratory for Parasitology and Cell Culture at the Central Institute of Medical Services for the German Armed Forces.

Dr. Markus Linder, head of the eHealth working group within DLR and board member of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth – IsfTeH presented recent developments within this area. Dr. Mario Polaschegg, Project Manager within SCOTTY Group Austria presented their latest solutions and described private-public cooperation from an industrial point of view. The second part of each event featured a live demonstration of the ASYSTED (Advanced System for Teleguided Diagnosis) telemedicine-system; an actual joint development of these two partners.

ASYSTED is a remote-ultrasound system, originally created from DLR-member Timo Frett. It allows unexperienced physicians, paramedics, or nurses to conduct ultrasound examinations with guidance from a remotely located expert. The live video of the ultrasonic device is transmitted in real time from a remote site to a hospital where the expert can analyze it and guide the non-experienced examiner. During the event held at the German Embassy, the ultrasound video from a simulated accident site was transmitted to a medical doctor within the embassy building.

Download the ASYSTED brochure here!

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