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SCP 19 Section

The Communication Platform SCP – 19″ Rack Version

SCOTTY brings headquarters to the mission

At the Heart of Your Communication Solution

The SCP – 19″ rack version is the video receive system at headquarters which enables decision-makers to be virtually transported to the field, ocean, or sky. This is possible through the combination of SCOTTY’s powerful high definition (HD) video hardware coder/decoder and high-speed processor enabling live audio, video, and data connectivity.

The SCOTTY SCP – 19″ Package
• Real time SD or HD video streaming at high or low bandwidths.
• H.323 video communication from 64 kbps to 8 Mbps.
• User-defined resolution versus fps settings.
• “Snap & Send” HD snapshots.
• Built-in digital video recording.
• SCOTTY Fast File Exchange over satellite.
• Live desktop sharing.
• Integrated processor for data, Internet, Wi-Fi, server duties, etc.
• Designed for 19″ racks.
• Compatible to multiple PC and audio/video peripherals.
• Backward compatible to all SCOTTY legacy products.
• Can be encrypted.

SCP 19