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Software Downloads

Software Downloads

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Teleporter Software

Teleport HD580 (exe file)

Teleport Release 3.01.66
Products: All HD580 based products
Features: Full-HD support: H.323 connections, video overlay, streaming and recording, snapshots and Snap&Send; Chat; Far End Camera Control; 4:3 support; fully configurable audio/video inputs/outputs
Changes to V3.01.52: Added audio echo cancellation and auto gain control, extended jitter control, bugfixes
Changes to V3.01.44: Added chat feature, filetransfer in-call bandwidth control, support for high DPI displays, full IPv6 support, bugfixes
Languages: English.
Install: Download and start file. It will automatically install or update Teleport application and codec firmware.

 Teleport Z470 (exe file)

Teleport Release 2.16.28
Products: All Z470 based products
Content: Teleport application, drivers for Z470, C4S PCI ISDN and Telco PCI ISDN, Z470 Kit Manual.
Languages: English.
Install: Download and start file. It will unpack to temporary folder and automatically run Setup to install or update Teleport and required drivers. Temporary folder may be removed after installation.

Filetransfer Software

Filetransfer Installer (exe file)

SCOTTY Filetransfer Release 1.04.06
Content: SCOTTY Filetransfer application.
Languages: English.
Features: High-speed SCOTTY Filetransfer for any network.
Optimized for INMARSAT BGAN, GAN, and mini-M.
Demo Mode: Included demo mode. Just install and test!
Install: Download and start file.

Filetransfer-Full Installation Media (zip file)

SCOTTY Filetransfer Release 1.04.06,
Content: SCOTTY Filetransfer installer plus manuals.
Install: Download, unzip file and copy to installation media.