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Software Downloads

Software Downloads

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Teleporter Software

Teleport HD580 (zip file)

Teleport Release 3.02.05
Products: All HD580 based products
Features: Full-HD support: H.323 connections, video overlay, streaming and recording, snapshots and Snap&Send; Chat; Far End Camera Control; fully configurable audio/video inputs/outputs
Changes to V3.01.66: Added auto-dial, SDI embedded audio, bugfixes
Languages: English.
Install: Download, extract and start file. It will automatically install or update Teleport application and codec firmware.

Filetransfer Software

Filetransfer Installer (exe file)

SCOTTY Filetransfer Release 1.04.06
Content: SCOTTY Filetransfer application.
Languages: English.
Features: High-speed SCOTTY Filetransfer for any network.
Optimized for INMARSAT BGAN, GAN, and mini-M.
Demo Mode: Included demo mode. Just install and test!
Install: Download and start file.

Filetransfer-Full Installation Media (zip file)

SCOTTY Filetransfer Release 1.04.06,
Content: SCOTTY Filetransfer installer plus manuals.
Install: Download, unzip file and copy to installation media.