Connecting the world

Advanced communication solutions

SatCom at its best

Advanced audio, video and data connectivity

for Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR), Command & Control,
Remote Medicine and Video-teleconferencing Applications

SCOTTY Group Austria GmbH is a solutions provider and manufacturer specializing in beyond line-of-sight audio, video and data for communication and surveillance. SCOTTY equipment is deployed in the field, on wheeled vehicles, ships and in the air. 

SCOTTY has tremendous experience in providing solutions for critical applications under challenging circumstances. For example, multinational corporations, peace-keeping forces, border police, and civil protection agencies are using SCOTTY equipment right now in the most remote and difficult environments on the globe. SCOTTY´s long running SatCom experience and extensive knowledge in SatCom hardware and infrastructure ensures optimized communication solutions that can be customized and deployed for all kinds of applications.

SCOTTY‘s research & development, manufacturing and headquarters are in Graz, Austria. 

SCOTTY equipment and solutions are available worldwide through a network of official agents and distributors.