Mobile HD

The government portable package

Specialized equipment for critical missions in remote and difficult environments

The On-the-move Solution

The SCOTTY Mobile HD has been designed to be both a portable surveillance video receive station and a video communication system.

This battery-operated unit includes SCOTTY‘s hardware HD video codec, a mil-spec Windows computer, and a convenient interface panel for peripherals. It can perform interactive audio, video, and data communication, record, receive, and stream video, control sensors remotely, and share data.

Together with a portable satellite system, the Mobile HD Light is the ideal station for customers working in remote areas who want to monitor live surveillance video and communicate with the world. It is also very versatile and can be used for a number of other applications including telemedicine and remote maintenance.


Personnel in the field use the SCOTTY Mobile HD unit
to submit reports, obtain last minute data and imagery,
transmit video surveillance, and even work interactively
with commanders and support staff from anywhere in the world.


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