Superior SatCom Solutions


Superior Satcom Solutions

SCOTTY provides DO160 aero certified hardware to make your satellite communication needs possible, no matter if on a helicopter, an airplane, or a UAV.  SCOTTY’s work management is project-driven to meet specific customer requirements – on time, within budget, and at the highest quality standards.

Nobody has more experience with SatCom on helicopters than SCOTTY

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Command, Control, Communication, Computing & Intelligence - all in one Hand

  • SCOTTY airborne ISR over Satellite transmit HD imagery, live sensor video, GPS info and targeting data and use duplex comms for remote sensor control, telephony, data sharing.

  • The system utilizes L-Band satellite networks. Transmissions are usually fed into the public IP network. Connections can be encrypted and a dedicated VPN can also be set up. No bad weather interference.

  • Total coverage of long borders and deep waters beyond line-of-sight (BLOS), behind mountains, etc.
  • Provides full-duplex voice communication virtually bridging your headquarters into the cockpit.

  • Provides full-HD quality live video transmission from helicopters to headquarters all over the world.

  • Provides full-HD recording and store-and-forward transmission capabilities for highest quality video.

  • An optional line-of-sight system can be used when close to home.

  • Onboard the aircraft, the SatCom antenna is steered by an Inertial Reference System (IRS) or from the aircraft’s Flight Management System (FMS).

SCOTTY Systems are Available for Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft

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