Superior SatCom Solutions

SCOTTY Land Mobile systems for wheeled vehicles

SCOTTY provides portable and wheeled vehicle solutions for those who need the best connectivity from the toughest places

Remote Maintenance & Support

Coast Guard
Oil and Gas
Border Control

Video surveillance
Combat camera

Disaster relief support

Command, Control, Communication, Computing & Intelligence - all in one Hand

  • Various types of SCOTTY equipment for portable use, vehicles, or fly-away command centers

  • HD real-time video stream, video communication, and data exchange over low bandwidth satellite networks

  • Duplex comms for real-time feedback, support, and remote sensor control

  • Includes H.281 far end camera control

  • Compatible to all H.323 VTC systems and mil encryption

  • Connects to all kinds of indoor and outdoor cameras

  • Connects to tele-medical equipment

  • Easily integrated into a command post, field hospital, and briefing room audio/video equipment

The SCOTTY package makes command and control possible from anywhere on the world, and on the go.

SCOTTY Land/Mobile Products

Customized Solutions

ProMin HD

Mobile HD