SatCom Solutions


With SCOTTY, ships are no longer isolated at sea. 

Live high quality duplex audio/video combined with data exchange enables staff on shore to watch what is happening at sea, support officers making crucial decisions, keep complicated machinery running smoothly, and help sailors stay healthy and safe.

Situation Awareness
Remote maintenance
remote support

video surveillance
clandestine surveillance on board

Crew Welfare

HD real-time video stream, video communication, and data exchange over lower bandwidth maritime satellite networks.

  • Connects easily to maritime satcom

  • Duplex comms for real-time feedback, commands, and even remote sensor control

  • Fast file transfer for store & forward imagery or any other data

  • Compatible to all H.323 VTC systems and mil encryption

  • Connects to all kinds of indoor and outdoor cameras.

  • Offers H.281 far-end camera control from shore

  • Connects to tele-medical equipment

  • Easily integrated into the bridge, sickbay, and briefing room audio/video equipment

Connects to tele-medical equipment

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